……or how an old Mallorquin shepard introduced us to the magic of Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

The story of the Mallorcan shephard dog nose.

As you can read in About us further down this page, in the year 2000 my family (my husband, our son, 5 years old, and my Boxer Dog Giacomo vom Gruga-Park, 5 years at that time) moved from Hamburg, Germany, to the sunny island Mallorca, Spain.  We temporarily rented a Finca with 20.000 m2 of land in the south-east of the island, somehow in the middle of nowhere. Giacomo loved to stay outside on the huge property all day long, but due to the extreme exposure to sunlight on Mallorca he developed a very dry nose within a few month. It got worse very quickly as he poked his nose into every mouse hole he could find so, in addition to the dirt and dust settling on his nose, he developed a terribly dry, cracked and chipped nose. I cleaned it everyday with warm water, but that did not really help.

Once a week, an old toothless shepherd with his flock passed the property.  His Mallorcan Shepherd dog, who was already 8 years old, had the most beautiful, clean, smooth, and shiny nose I’ve ever seen, and one day I asked him how that can be.
We started talking, Jésus (his name) and me, and he told me about an old Mallorcan recipe for a special organic oil-mixture that shepherds on the island are using for their dog noses and paws for a long time.

All started with a few drops of olive oil on my dog’s nose…….

And so it happened that I took this recipe (after consulting with my veterinarian at the Clinica CANIS in Palma de Mallorca and getting his “GO”) and began treating Giacomos frayed boxer dog nose mornings and evenings with the oil. Slightly skeptical, I’m honest, I watched Giacomo’s nose over the first few days. My skepticism quickly gave way to enthusiasm, because after a few days, I noticed a significant improvement. The nose smoothed and fringes were still high only on the sides. After 1 week of treatment his nose was wet and shone like a boxer puppy. 



After realizing that there is a large number of dog owners, whose dogs, no matter which breeds, have dry, crusty and cracked noses, the idea of offering my “super-oil” to these affected dogs came up. I turned the liquid oil into a creamy balm, as it is easier to apply to dog noses, easier to travel with and, of course, easier to ship.

Since I received such positive feedback from customers about the Dog Nose Balm and because I am  absolutely convinced of the healing power of my “magical” organic ingredients, I developed a dog paw balm and a dog elbow balm within a short time. Soon I added a dog wrinkle balm, a dog skin soother balm and a dog eye care spray to my natural dog product line. 

Every product decision has been made with one intention: delivering the best, all-natural dog care solutions to my own dog and to my costumers and their beloved four-legged friends. How do I do that?  By foregoing the use of artificial chemicals and synthetic ingredients. We use 100% natural and organic ingredients and high quality organic oils for our wonderfully nurturing and healing dog balms.

Our products are:

  • free of mineral oil and parabens

  • unscented

  • free of preservatives

  • lick safe

  • handcrafted in Spain by a German Boxer Dog Lover

Dogz and Dogz is committed to sharing with all dog lovers, the finest of all natural and organic dog care products …..  made with love and passion. 


“I strive for the highest level of quality in all things I do, and I believe that continuous improvement should always be a goal”. 

Only organic and all-natural ingredients are used in my dog balms. These ingredients are well researched and carefully selected based on their deep healing and protective properties.

All dog products are proudly handmade by me in Asturias, Spain.  


Hi, my name is Anke Schween, originally I’m from Hamburg, Germany, I have a degree in engineering and architecture and I am an enthusiastic and self-confessed boxer dog fan. My love for this unique and wonderful breed began the day our neighbours adopted a boxer dog puppy. At that time I was 10 years old and “Ajax v. Windmühlenberg”, a dark brindle male, became my best friend. Not longer after I got my first own Boxer Dog “Rocky” (1986-1995) while studying at university. Since then my life simple wouldn’t be complete without my boxers. 

“Giacomo vom Gruga-Park”( 1995-2008) followed Rocky and whilst  I’m writing this, my best buddy “Spencer vom Gruga Park” born on August 30th , 2008,  snores next to my desk in his basket.              As I review these lines I wonder how quickly time passed………

In 2000 my family (my husband (architect as well), our son, 5 years old, and my Boxer Dog Giacomo vom Gruga-Park, also 5 years at that time) moved from Hamburg, Germany, to the sunny island Mallorca. We founded our company Schween + Schween Architects and lived in the southwest of the island. After 18 years on the wonderful island we decided to go on an adventure again; in summer 2018 we moved to the mainland, to  a region called Asturias in the north of Spain.  

After very successful but also very stressful years as an architect, I finally fulfilled my dream and took a break from my job to devote myself fully to the development and marketing of my natural dog care products.


Anke Schween
CEO / Founder

As the founder and CEO I am responsible for everything at DOGZ and DOGZ.  

Spencer v. Gruga-Park

Spencer is the joker in the team. He is always in a good mood and he loves all the pampering treatments he has to endure as a test dog.

Marta Cruz

Marta helps me with everything I need help with. luckily she lives in the neighborhood