Spencer vom Gruga-Park, 5 month old 


The individual developmental phases of dogs in their first year of life

at the example of a German Boxer

Eberhard Trumler, a noted Austrian behavourist/ethologist, made it his task to explain the critical stages in a young dog’s life and the natural laws and instincts, which are decisive in the development of the behavoural patterns of the dog.

According to Trumler there are seven stages of development which include

  • Neonatal Phase  (1st and 2nd week)
  • Transitional Phase  (3rd week)
  • Bonding Phase  (4th – 8th week)
  • Socialization Phase  (9th – 12th week)
  • Ranking Phase  (13th week- end of 4th month)
  • Pack-Order Phase  (5th and 6th month)
  • Puberty    (7 to 12 months)


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